What is Practicalmagic Feng Shui™?

Betsy Forcade has studied and practiced Feng Shui since the mid 1990s.

“I was immediately drawn to Feng Shui, from the first book I read on the subject. I began experimenting and getting results that delighted and astonished me. From then on, I couldn’t read or practice enough. I realized it works and I was hooked. Feng Shui has become a way of life for me, a way to participate in the world and a way to change it. It’s also a lot of fun.”

Betsy Forcade is a graduate of the the Western School of Feng Shui®. Her teacher, Terah Kathryn Collins is a an internationally known Feng Shui practitioner, educator, and author. The Western School of Feng Shui was founded in 1996 in San Diego, CA.

Betsy Forcade photo

Betsy Forcade